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The New Land Rover Discovery | The Lightweight Contender

The New Land Rover Discovery | The Lightweight Contender

08 December 2020

Before we get too embroiled, this isn’t about a ‘lightweight’ version like Land Rover used to make of the old Series Landies, but rather just about the effort they’ve gone to, in the pursuit of a better product.

480Kg. That’s about the same weight as a Grand Piano, or a Polar Bear, or two fully grown Pigs (we could go on … 12 toilets, 40 Dachshund … you get the picture), and that’s what Land Rover tells us is the weight loss (up to 480Kg) of the all new Discovery, over the outgoing model. With that said, it still weighs around 2.1 tonnes, so its no ‘skinny minny’, despite the weight loss.

The radical weight-loss is mainly down to the new all aluminium platform that the Disco uses – the same as the Ranger Rover, and Range Rover Sport, and that’s not all the Discovery has inherited from its stablemates.

Luxury Abounds

Until the re-introduction of the Defender just recently, the Discovery was the most ‘off-roady’ capable vehicle in the Land Rover line up, and while it still remains superbly capable (Top Gear magazine says “Jack of all trades, master of most of them”), the model has gone through a bit of a transformation – for example, the cabin is now virtually indistinguishable from the super luxurious Range Rover.

Not so much welly boots and wax, more Le Chameau and Barbour.

This also means that toys are aplenty – want fully motorised seating controlled by a smartphone app? Yes, that’s a thing.

Land Rover now offer a smaller four-cylinder engine version of the Discovery, there’s also going to be a supercharged V8 with 520 horsepower, but our money is always firmly placed on the diesel V6 – it offers a fantastic combination of power, driveability, torque, and fuel efficiency, and of course the diesel is so well suited to off-road driving, especially if there’s a bit of water involved (the big Disco has a wading depth of 900mm).

Practical Family Car

It can seat up to seven adults (and we don’t mean small adults either), and the seating arrangements work well for every condition – both rear-most seats can be folded individually, the second row has a 60:40 split, that can also be reclined, and has a ‘load through’ function, and all rear seating can benefit from built-in screens, but there’s also another (more practical, and cheaper option in our book) option – iPad holders fitted to the seats.

With the very rear seats stowed away, the load capacity is cavernous – 2,406 litres of space (and still seating for 5 adults!), which is enough for pretty much anything a regular family will throw at it.

Depending on the exact trim level chosen, or option boxes ticked, you won’t be left wanting in the technology department either; given that the Discovery is becoming more Range Rover-like, the same applies for tech & toys also.

If you’re looking for a family car that’s capable of anything … driving up a mountain, transporting a family and their luggage, blissful motorway cruising, or turning up at the very swankiest of parties, then the new Land Rover Discovery has been made for you.

To find out more, get in touch with our friendly team of professionals, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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