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15 April 2021

We often hear the phrase ‘all-new’ being used to describe something, trying to lure us in to being part of something exciting, of creating a ‘want’, but the reality is usually something a little less hyperbolic, what they actually mean is that it’s an updated version.

But when we tell you that ŠKODA have released an all-new SUV, we really do mean ALL-NEW.

ENYAQ iV Full-Electric SUV

There is no doubting it: electric vehicles are here to stay, and part of the future when it comes to modern motoring. Sure, some of the earlier prototypes and production vehicles were somewhat limited, but the mainstream manufacturers have thrown their collective weight behind the electric movement, and with such giants as the Volkswagen Group joining in, vehicle choices are opening up.

ŠKODA are just one of the latest manufacturers to take the plunge in to full electrification, with their Enyaq iV, a full-size SUV that’s been designed purposely for the job of showcasing their talent. Although we say full-size, it’s shorter than the Octavia estate, but thanks to great packaging, the internal dimensions are similar to the larger Kodiaq (ŠKODA’s largest SUV).

At the time of launch, there will be two options for battery & power – the entry-level 62kWh coupled to a 132kW motor (with a range of around 242 miles, and 180PS), and the uprated 82kWh battery with a 150kW motor, giving a range of up to 316 miles (& 204PS) under the WLTP test.

Enyaq iV Style

ŠKODA say that the self-assured exterior design makes an impression from any angle, and that the ‘elegantly sculpted lines run from the rear through to the LED matrix headlights’, but putting aside their marketing speak, you’d have to say it looks ‘purposeful’.

That look is further enhanced by the larger wheels – 19-inch as standard, but options for 21-inch as you go through the range. While it’s true that fitting larger wheels can sometimes have a less than desirable effect on how a car rides, it seems that ŠKODA have put a lot of effort in to making the look, and the ride, work well.

It isn’t all about the exterior though; the cabin is plush, well-designed and stylish, even more so when you consider that most of the plastics are made from recycled materials, giving further credence to the whole ‘green & sustainable’ aspect of the Enyaq.

Better still, ŠKODA have added their usual touch of brilliance when it comes to well thought out practicalities – you can fit a pair of 1.5 litre bottles in the doors, there’s folding tray tables attached to rear of the front seats, the super handy umbrella in the front door, and storage like you wouldn’t believe – almost 18 litres of storage in the centre console alone. It’s an exercise in sensible practicalities, all with added flair.

Tech and Options

As we’ve come to expect from ŠKODA, there’s a host of equipment fitted, either as standard or as a well-priced option – Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard, as is Road Sign Recognition and Front Assist, but there’s also great tech like a Heads-Up Display, rear-view cameras and sensors all round.

There’s a large 13-inch touchscreen fitted, which controls nearly everything, intuitively, and the Enyaq is always connected to the internet, which is not only great for the regular entertainment side of things, but it can update its own software via the same connection.

The tech follows through to charging options also – it’s capable of being charged through a standard wallbox (AC charging), even through a regular domestic socket (although that takes some time), and of course, through the DC charging network. Charge rates do vary, but through a dedicated charger, you can go from 10% to 80% in just 38 minutes.

According to Thomas Schafer, the boss at ŠKODA, the Enyaq iV represents the start of a whole new era for the company, and it’s clear to see why he thinks that.

If you’d like to find out more information, get in touch with us and we can tell you all about the ‘all-new’ Enyaq iV. Better still, why not make arrangements to come and view one for yourself?


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