Law changes regarding driving licence checks

As of 8th June 2015, the counterpart driving licence is no longer valid. Therefore we can no longer use it to check if a person has a valid driving licence to be able to carry out a test drive with a sales exec, unaccompanied test drive, corporate test drive or take a vehicle on loan from any department, including courtesy cars.

In place of the counterpart, the DVLA website now has a function whereby drivers can log in to check their licence status, and to send us a single-use time limited code that we can use to perform the licence check that our insurer requires us to undertake.

To do this please go to and follow these instructions...

Log in with your driving licence number, National Insurance Number, and Postcode.

Click “Share Licence Information”

You will be given a code, which you can then bring to us on the day.

Alternatively if you are coming in for a test drive please bring your driving licence number, National Insurance Number, and Postcode and we can do this for you. Failure to supply either a code or the required documents will unfortunately result in you not being able to undertake a test drive or use a courtesy car.