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Jaguar SUVs | Which One for You

Jaguar SUVs | Which One for You

11 February 2021

“Grace, space, and pace”

That slogan was coined by Jaguar, and it has never been more apt. But remarkably, that slogan is almost seventy years old; it just proves that Jaguar remain true to their ethos and original values.

The modern Jaguar Cars have moved with the times – at one time they were all about sports, with rakish good looks, and performance to match, and while the good looks and sporty nature survive, the modern range of Jaguars have expanded to include latest styles and family vehicles – the SUV.


Sports Utility Vehicles make up the most popular category of car on the road today, so it’s no surprise that Jaguar felt the need to be part of that, and not just as ‘another SUV’ – they wanted to show the other brands how it’s done, and thanks to their stablemate Range Rover, they had a pretty good head start.

Whether it’s the F-PACE, E-PACE or I-PACE, you can clearly see Jaguar’s design philosophy running through the design – sports car inspired styling; muscular sweeping bonnet, pronounced low profile, and every detail designed to maximise aerodynamic efficiency.


Here’s the thing, if you were to ask near enough anyone to name a luxury SUV, you can pretty much guarantee that Jaguar’s stablemate would be top of the list, so it’s no surprise that Jaguar (as part of the Jaguar Land Rover group) would have been more than willing to take some advice, possibly a designer or two, and the odd component.

This doesn’t make any of the Jaguar SUVs a Range Rover in different clothes; they’re ground-up, fresh designs bespoke to Jaguar. Yes, they do share some award-winning technology, and that just strengthens both brands.

Aside from that, when you choose a Jaguar SUV, it’s purely Jaguar – handpicked leathers for the trim, a wealth of premium materials and sophisticated finishes, state-of-the-art engineering from high-tech engineering industries such as Formula 1 and aerospace. As Jaguar say themselves – they’re a continuation of the Jaguar bloodline, and they’ve been created to deliver a sense of opulent luxury and contemporary styling.


Currently, Jaguar offer three different SUVs, so it’s likely that you’ll find one to suit your need.


The ‘F’ could stand for Full – Full size, and Full Luxury.

It has class leading boot space – from 650 litres through to a cavernous 1,842 litres with the rear seats flat, and comes with a host of technology, such as Pixel LED headlights with Adaptive Driving Beam, and an activity key which allows you to lock/unlock and start the vehicle without the need for a traditional keyfob, and it’s available as a hybrid, petrol, and diesel.


The E-PACE is the compact SUV, but that doesn’t mean compact features or technology list. It offers a unique balance between agility and ride comfort, using mild-hybrid petrol and diesel engines, or as a Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV).

It has the latest technology fitted, which includes state-of-the-art in-car artificial intelligence.


The I-PACE is a multi award-winning Battery Electric Vehicle, in the form of an SUV. The technology that powers it has been developed in the competitive Formula E racing series, and it has all the performance you could ever need.

90kWh battery, 292-mile range, 696Nm of torque, 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds, and a drag-coefficient of just 0.29Cd (that is very slippery). Couple all of that to a near perfect weight distribution and you have an all-electric SUV that compares to nothing else, this is the future of motoring right here.


To find out more details for the Jaguar SUV range, or to get a clearer picture as to which Jaguar may work best for you, contact one of our professional team to make arrangements, either for a visit to us, or a telephone call.


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