Cornwall TPS Management Turn Breakfast Chefs For Staff

Management at TPS (Trade Parts Specialists) Cornwall recently incentivised their staff in a unique way by offering to cook all their staff breakfast! For a final push nearing month end the management team, consisting of Dave Hooper (Manager), Dave Gilbert (Volkswagen Franchise Director) and Daniel Ashton Smith (Sales Development Manager) engaged the staff by informing them that they would be cooking the staff a breakfast on the first Monday of each month, providing the site achieved over 100% of its target for the month previous.

It obviously worked as the team hit their target and all enjoyed tasty 'Full English’ as a result of their hard work. Dave Hooper, Manager of TPS Cornwall said "As incentives go the staff absolutely loved it and could not believe we were doing it for them. There were smiles and ‘thank-you’’ all round from everybody! Morale is really high, and they are looking forward to getting the same next month! To which I replied ‘you all know what you have to do then!’