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Beating the Lockdown Blues | Volkswagen California 6.1 Beach

Beating the Lockdown Blues | Volkswagen California 6.1 Beach

08 December 2020

If we asked you to guess which was the best-selling van of all time, there’s a high probability that you’d get the right answer – the Volkswagen Transporter (with over 12 million units sold – more than its legendary sibling, the Volkswagen Golf).

Is it any surprise that variations of it have been manufactured for 70 years? (starting production in 1950).

Most things are cyclical, coming and going with seasons, or even generations, but the Transporter has remained steadfastly popular, and in production. To keep it so, Volkswagen keep it refreshed, and add new variants regularly, the latest of which is the California Beach 6.1

Tour or Camper

If, like us, your childhood memories are filled with pictures of Volkswagen Campers, pop-up roof popped, doors open and laughter filling the air, or perhaps you’re just a fan of old American movies where the star is always the car (of course, we mean the VW Camper), then Volkswagen have some great news for you.

The recently updated Transporter 6.1 can now be ordered as the California Beach model, which takes you right back to those heady days of sunshine, memories, and learning to cook on the built-in mini-kitchen with a single ring gas hob. (available with the Camper model).

If you need a little more seating, the Tour is available with five seats as standard, but with an option to upgrade to six, and even seven seats. (the Camper has four seats as standard, with an option for five).

Whichever model you choose, you do of course get the wow factor – the pop-up roof comes as standard with both variants, and is a manually operated hydraulic roof, so not only is it easy to pop up, it’s easy to take down also. Incidentally, the Camper also has a pull-out awning.

Life Inside the California Beach

As you’d expect, this is more than just a design exercise for Volkswagen, or a cheap way of garnering sales from those nostalgia-driven middle-aged ‘hippies’ wanting to be free from corporate life; this is about offering a product that’s better than the competition, that does exactly what you’d expect, offering stylish good looks, and of course, legendary reliability.

Above all, it’s practical – there’s an extra large raised bed with a folding extension for example, or depending on which model you choose, there are sliding doors to make life easier (the Tour has sliding doors on both sides, whereas the Camper has a sliding door on the right hand side), and of course in this day and age, there needs to be enough technology to keep everyone entertained, charged, or heading in the right direction.

Internet connectivity is an option, but there’s 32Gb of built-in media storage, a large touchscreen infotainment system, USB ‘C’ charging ports, and the latest in natural voice control systems.

Designed for Living

It’s also worth noting that Volkswagen have given thought to modern life when it comes to the design, ride, and driving experience – it doesn’t feel like a big, unwieldy motorhome to drive, more like a larger car with raised driving position, and that also applies to the physical size: narrow lanes, winding roads, cobbled streets are easily navigated, and when you reach your destination, the California Beach will still fit in most regular carparks (just in case you can’t find an open beach!).

As the country is still recovering from such an odd year, what better way to beat the blues than getting out in the fresh air, in your own personal ‘bubble’ – the California Beach could just be the key.

To find out more, get in touch with one of our friendly team; they’ll be able to give you full specifications, and answer any questions you may have.


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