Air Conditioning – What You Need to Know

It seems that we were finally blessed with a summer to remember – we’ve been basking in almost record temperatures, and for some of us, climbing in to an air-conditioned car is all the respite we get from the relentless heat (not that we’d dare complain).

In weather like this, can there be a more disheartening feeling than when your A/C is barely cooler than the temperature outside? Certainly, super-cooled air in your car isn’t life changing, but it’s one of life’s little luxuries, something that just makes your day better, just for the price of 1 or 2 mpg – infinitely better than deafening yourself with all the windows down.

Preventative Maintenance

Experience tells us that most problems with an air-conditioning system stem from a low charge, rather than a mechanical fault, which means fixing the problem could be as simple as re-gassing (or charging) your system, and with our special summer offer in place, even that needn’t be expensive.

Just the same with any other mechanical system, your climate-control or air-conditioning will benefit from planned or preventative maintenance – even more so if you’ve noticed a smell when activating the system; the smell comes from a build up of bacteria in the system, and as much as we don’t want to shock you into servicing your A/C, that bacteria can be really quite harmful.

The strains of microorganisms found include: Bacillus Licheniformis (linked with bird feathers, soil and infections associated with central venous catheters), Bacillus Subtilis (found in the gastrointestinal tract), Bacillus (a common bacterium with links to meningitis) and Elizabethkingia Meningoseptica (commonly found bacteria associated with fish and frogs).

Typically, the average car had 1.6 strains of microorganisms found in the air-conditioning system, but if you’re based in Plymouth, be aware that these cars topped the list with an average of 2.3 variants. 

Less Charge, More Service

‘Upselling’ is common in a number of industries; buy a mobile phone and you’ll be asked if you need enough data to browse the World Wide Web until your fingers are worn out, a weekly supermarket shop will offer you dozens of ‘two for one’ offers, even a fast food restaurant will ask you “would you like to go large?”

Recommending you have your climate control system serviced every two years isn’t part of your local car dealer’s strategy to sell you further services, it’s an industry standard. That’s because even if your system is fully-charged, a full air-conditioning service involves an anti-bacterial treatment and deodorising – you’ll be breathing clean air that smells … well, of nothing. (We realise that promoting a service based on ‘nothing’ isn’t good business, but we like to be honest!).

What does an air-conditioning service include?

A quality air-con service should include a visual inspection, a vacuum test (to check for leaks, cracks or damage), an antibacterial treatment and of course, a full re-gas; this way, you’ll know that your system is in A1 condition and should see you safely through the next two years. A common misconception is that air-conditioning is only there for summer use – even in the winter, you’ll benefit from running the a/c system, even more so if it has had the full antibacterial treatment.

To find out more or to book in an air-con service with one of our dealerships please get in touch.

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