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For motorists with a penchant for athletic driving but who also wish to retain the iconic styling of MINI vehicles, the MINI Paceman is the ideal choice. Packed with sporty appeal, the Paceman provides exceptional handling and vehicle control, thanks in part to the four-wheel-drive system that is available. Of course, there are still the same design cues that make a MINI so appealing, with the retro dials of the cockpit, the box-shaped cabin, and the chrome finishing of the exterior. With standout colour schemes too, making a splash on the road is effortless.

The MINI Paceman also comes full of the very best technology available from the marque, with such measures as rear parking sensors and climate control available on selected trim levels. Plus, with the option to customise many elements of the vehicle, you can rest assured that no two MINI Paceman models are identical.

At Helston Garages MINI in Barnstaple, Bridgwater, Exeter and Yeovil, we have a constantly evolving selection of used MINI Paceman models for you to discover at our dealerships. Each used vehicle we sell features the many qualities that define the marque: great performance, great style, and great personality. Not only that, but we aim to provide models that meet the budgets of all our customers, thereby meaning you will almost certainly be able to find a vehicle that suits you.

All vehicles in our used car lineup have been hand picked to ensure they meet the standards that both MINI and Helston Garages aim to uphold. Our technicians provide a full health check before sale, meaning you can drive away in the knowledge that there are no outstanding issues once you purchase.

Click through the listings on this page to learn more. Can’t find the ideal MINI? Speak to a member of our team today and we’ll do all we can to find you the perfect model.


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