The Westerly MINI Car Wash Club

Purchase any new MINI from Westerly and receive a free Westerly MINI VIP Customer Wash Club membership card, entitling you to four free washes at any Westerly dealership.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The first wash appointment must be undertaken within 12 weeks of the delivery date to qualify for 3 further car washes.
  2. The car washes have to be pre-booked and where possible a minimum of 24 hours notice should be given.
  3. The appointments will include a free vehicle safety check & free levels top up where required (oil top up not to exceed 0.5ltr)
  4. The standard of clean will include a wash and leather, the vehicle interior including the boot will be vacuumed, the interior glass will be cleaned and the tyres "sheened".
  5. This VIP wash card can be renewed if all 4 washes are completed within the first 12 months of vehicle ownership. Maximum one card per customer per year.