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MINI LED Door Projectors and Internal Light Package at Westerly Bridgwater MINI
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The new MINI LED door projectors with new slide technology and an above-average lifespan make entering and exiting the car a unique experience. As soon as the car doors are opened, a graphic is projected onto the ground next to the car. This unusual illumination of the entry area communicates a feeling of exclusivity both to the customer and to any passengers or passers-by.

In addition to the MINI logo, a further 2 designs are available that can be replaced with very little effort. As a result, driving with the MINI is even more personalised and unique.


  • Slide projection instead of standard entry light.
  • The MINI LED door projectors illuminate the entry area, thereby increasing safety and comfort.
  • Choose the graphic you want from 3 different designs.
  • The graphic is easily recognisable even at dusk.
  • The projection is activated automatically when the doors are opened.

MINI Interior Lighting Package

Set of 7 Lights £118.98
Set of 11 Lights £180.17

The MINI LED interior lighting package for use with interior lights impresses with its extremely low energy consumption and superbly long service life. The daylight white light colour creates a modern setting and pleasant brightness. A specially calculated lens creates indirect beam characteristics comparable with those of a light bulb.

The internal light package comprises LED modules for the roof area, as well as LED boards for the footwell and courtesy illumination, creating an impressive effect with ultra-low energy consumption and a brilliantly long service life.


  • LED for use in interior lights.
  • Direct use in the existing holder.
  • Daylight white colour for a modern appearance.
  • Specially manufactured lens mimics the beam characteristics of a light bulb.
  • Superbly long lifespan with extremely low energy consumption.

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