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Mini Leasing and Contract Hire

In Devon, Dorset & Somerset

Reliable, stylish and instantly recognisable, Minis are an excellent choice for leasing, whether they are being used for commercial or personal reasons. Customers can lease a Mini through Carrs Contract Hire and Leasing, another Helston Garages Group business based in Exeter.

Renting a vehicle via contract hire or lease can be advantageous for many people, particularly business customers who wish to equip their employees with means of transportation without the large initial costs involved in purchasing vehicles outright. With the manoeuvrability of the Mini making it the perfect city car, they are ideal for an organisation that wants to present a fun, cool image.

Domestic customers in certain circumstances, for example those resident in the country or region for a short while, may also discover that renting a vehicle is cheaper and more convenient. The versatility and enjoyable driving experience associated with Minis makes them an excellent car to hire temporarily.

Contact Carrs Contract Hire and Leasing for further enquiries about how we could help you to enjoy one of our Minis.