Land Rover Winter Health Check

Make sure your Land Rover is in the best possible condition for the testing winter months with our warming Winter Check.

The cold, damp and icy winter weather will undoubtedly take its toll on your Land Rover and could potentially cause costly problems. We invite you to beat the winter blues and get yours inspected by us with a comprehensive winter safety check for your peace of mind. Any problems can be quickly rectified by Land Rover trained technicians and prevent any further damage.

Out of all the seasons, winter requires the most care and preparation to ensure you and your family stay safe on the roads. It is important to be prepared for the upcoming cold temperatures, & difficult driving conditions that can arise to avoid breakdowns and accidents especially when it snows or ice appears.

Book your Land Rover winter health check with us today for just £29.99 (Inc VAT).


What's included:

  • Wheel alignment check
  • Tyre condition report
  • Winter emergency vehicle pack
  • Electronic vehicle visual health check
  • Windscreen fluid additive
  • Coolant fluid check and adjustment
  • Service wash and vacuum

While you wait...

Feel free to wait in our comfortable lounge, and enjoy a hot drink and free WiFi? There are those that hibernate as winter draws in. Get ready to embrace the elements with your Land Rover.

Terms and conditions:

Appointments are allocated on a first come, first served basis. No cash alternatives available. All offers are subject to availability and our usual booking schedule. Taxis and vehicles used for hire or reward are excluded. Servicing included may vary depending on participating dealership.