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Few manufacturers can lay claim to such an illustrious history as Land Rover. The first Land Rover rolled off the production line in 1948, and although there has been a gap or two in production, the ‘Series’ Land Rover was pretty much the forerunner to the Defender, which is just making a comeback, over 70 years later.

When someone says “iconic vehicle”, it’s hard to think of anything other than Land Rover; it’s recognised all over the world, even in places where the population could be counted on one hand – it’s said that in around 80% of the developing world, a Land Rover was the first vehicle ever seen. Iconic.

The Land Rover Family

‘Land Rover’ conjures up images of rugged off-road vehicles, and for many people, they will never be anything but rugged, hardcore vehicles that can drive anywhere, tow anything, and conquer the remotest part of the world, but for others, they’re so much more.

We shouldn’t forget that the brand also covers ‘luxury’ and ‘upmarket’ better than anyone, with the Range Rover family; they are officially Land Rover Range Rovers, similar with Land Rover Defender, and Land Rover Discovery, although of course, there’s a whole new subset of models with the Range Rovers.

Your Land Rover, Your Choice

If you don’t really know Land Rover, you may be forgiven in thinking that they’re all the same – something similar to an SUV, with a better than average ability off-road. But that only tells half the story.

Defender Family

The Defender is the newest, and toughest offering from Land Rover. It’s been tested around the world, in the harshest of climes, and with real-world situations thanks to its time with the Tusk Trust in Kenya. If off-road ability is your priority, then the Defender is the must have Landie.

Discovery Family

The Discovery was first introduced to the world in 1989, almost as the original crossover; offering a decent level of comfort and road manners, with a higher driving position, and of course, the capability of handling more than bumping up & down kerbstones. Half Range Rover, half Defender.

Range Rover Family

Synonymous with luxury, comfort, and prestige, the Range Rover family is trusted throughout the world by Royals, VIPs and Heads of State to get them where they’re going in style. Not quite as legendary off the road as on it, but that’s only when compared to its stablemates. (Range Rover, Range Rover Velar, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Plug-In Hybrid)

Everyday Living

The truth is, all of the models available from Land Rover offer a degree of comfort, the latest technology, great road manners, reliability, and the capacity to handle anything that family life can throw at it: space for the entire family and their luggage? Easy. Child-resistant build quality? Of course (Forget manufacturer testing – put a handful of children in the car and they’ll test it way beyond anything the manufacturer will!). Built-in safety? It goes without saying. (With models achieving the highest Euro NCAP 5 Star rating).

Better still, it isn’t just the human occupants that Land Rover have thought about, with all manner of pet-friendly accessories available (model dependent), such as a spill-resistant water bowl, access ramp, foldable pet carrier, load space liners, and … a portable rinse system. Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like … a miniature shower system. Land Rover say that it’s also great for rinsing off wetsuits and bicycles, but really … a muddy dog shower system!

It’s easy to see why Land Rovers make for perfect family vehicles – built tough, excellent reliability, space for the family and their belongings, more storage than IKEA, and the ability to handle whatever the UK can deliver when it comes to weather – sunshine, rain storms, ice, snow and mud, all without breaking a sweat.

Simply put, choosing a Land Rover, whether that’s from the Defender, Discovery or Range Rover family, will always work for your family.

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