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The New Discovery Sport from Land Rover

17th August 2019

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If you’ve reached that stage in your life, where the smaller details matter, where ‘branding’ or celebrity endorsements really don’t mean that much, when buying a product is about the product, not the social media buzz that’s been created, then you’ll understand that very few products actually cater to your needs, and that’s why the new Discovery Sport from Land Rover is the right choice.

Chances are, you already know that the Land Rover Discovery is more than a vehicle for strapping your pristine mountain bike to, just to transport it to the local park, but it’s no farm vehicle either. Land Rover seem to have found the perfect balance of utility, off-road capability, styling and luxury – think of it as a pair of Le Chameau Wellington boots; utterly functional, designed for a purpose, an unapproachable style, all combined to make them the best product on the market.

The New Discovery Sport - Better by Design

When Land Rover last restyled the Discovery, truth be known that it was met with mixed reception, it became a bit of a Marmite car, but if you view that last face-lift as a stepping stone to something greater, it worked beautifully.

The new Discovery Sport, which is by far the brand’s best-selling model worldwide, almost looks like Land Rover have finished what they started, it looks more complete, a little more … elegant is the wrong word, but perhaps ‘styled’ fits the bill.

With a redesigned grille, new front & real light clusters, redesigned bumpers, the Disco actually looks like it’s been designed this way; as a complete vehicle, rather than a line full of parts that happen to fit together.

Discover the Hybrid

It’s no secret that Land Rovers and Range Rovers aren’t the best choice if you’re purely looking for economy, but the management at JLR have understood that just because it’s a Land Rover, with go anywhere, do anything abilities, and of course being capable of lugging everything a family could possibly need, thought does need to be given to fuel consumption.

We often hear about ‘range anxiety’ with fully electric vehicles, but it wasn’t that long ago that driving an old Series Land Rover could produce the same effect – always wondering if you should fill up at the nearest petrol station, or go on to the next. Thankfully, the new range of Landies does away with that, partly because of the frugal nature of the internal combustion engines, and partly because of the hybrid system; the 2.0 litre 4-cylinder diesel engine, with 148hp, achieves 47.8mpg.

And we shouldn’t forget – this is under the new RDE & WLTP regulations, which means claimed economy should actually be realistic, rather than a pipe dream.

Land Rover Technology

The Discovery Sport has been fitted with plenty of technology as standard, and there’s some well-thought out options too. The ClearSight ground-view technology allows you to ‘see’ through the bonnet and engine compartment, giving you a live picture of the wheels and the underneath of the front.

Land Rover say that it’s part of the suite of off-roading technology, but it will make parking in tight spaces so much easier too. Which is similar to the Advanced Tow Assist system; show the car where the trailer \ horse box or caravan needs to be, and the car takes over the steering and places it in the right spot. Effortless reversing when towing. And while we’re on the subject of visibility and seeing behind you, Land Rover have incorporated a very neat trick into the rear-view mirror.

The one downside to a vehicle where you can stow all of your luggage in the open rear space, is that all too often, visibility can be impeded thanks to not being able to see out of the rear-window. Land Rover know this, so to counter that, there is a rear-facing camera that sends a live feed to the rear-view mirror at the flick of a switch. Very clever, and you’ll soon wonder how you managed without it.

As for the rest of the tech, there is of course the usual safety features such as lane-keep assist, autonomous emergency braking and reversing camera, but you also get 4G Wi-Fi connectivity, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless charging, and the latest Touch Pro Infotainment system with a 10.25-inch screen. All standard.

Discovery Sport – a True Family Car

Do you really want to know that the new Discovery Sport is 2mm shorter than the old one? Doubtful. Or that it’s 3mm taller? Unlikely. What you want to know is that despite incorporating a larger fuel tank, and the hybrid system, there’s actually more room inside thanks to better design & packaging.

Similarly, the flexible load space can hold up to 1,794 litres, and thanks to the clever 5+2 seating, with a 40:20:40 split-folding second row of seating, there are 24 possible configurations for the seating; you’ll never be stuck trying to fit that awkward load again.

This truly is a car for the family, or a farmer, a mountaineer … it fits all lifestyles, and you could say that all lifestyles fit within it.

If you’d like to find out more of the technical details, see for yourself why this isn’t just another SUV, or just smell that new car interior, get in touch with one of our friendly professionals today.