Land Rover iGuide – Bringing Technology to Land Rover

Land Rovers have always had the reputation of ‘go anywhere’ vehicles, and whilst that was down to their legendary ability to traverse the harshest of terrain, there was also an element of being easily repairable … stuck on the side of a mountain, with nothing but a handful of spanners and big rocks (either to act as a vehicle support or large hammer) … field repairs were just part of the Landy experience.

But as the drive for fuel-efficiency and reliability took precedence, the need for ever-more complicated systems, processes and technology took over. Typically, on a modern vehicle, you’ll find anywhere between 60 – 100 electronic sensors fitted to a vehicle, more when you factor in complicated terrain systems, and that number is still yet to rise as cars get more intelligent.

It’s these sensors that ensure everything is working as it should, or to convey a message that a particular system is activated, or to give you warning should the on-board systems find a fault … there is a myriad of information, and understanding it isn’t the work of five minutes; you need a handy, pocket-sized guide to help you.​

iGuide App from Land Rover 

With four out of five adults now owning a smartphone (around 37 million people) in the UK, Land Rover have that pocket-sized guide available in the guise of the iGuide app.

Essentially, you’re getting so much more than a handy digital owner’s manual, it uses a blend of Augmented Reality and digital technology (with the ability to work off line also) to place information right in the palm of your hand, in four easy-to-use segments.​

Visual Search

Using a variety of interactive images, you can identify important features and controls, with simple demonstrations on use and information on the systems at the touch of a screen. Not quite sure what that button does? The iGuide will tell you.

Owner’s Manual 

This is pretty much just a digital version of the paper owner’s manual that you receive with your new vehicle, except that being digital, finding that particular ‘thing’ is the work of a moment; it places all the information you need, right at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

If after having a browse through the (comprehensive) manual hasn’t helped, then there is a ‘FAQ’ section which gives information relating to the most common queries, giving all answers in list form, so there’s no need to wade through unnecessary information. 

Warning Lights

The complexity of modern cars means that your dash could have as many as 44 different information or warning lamps, depending on colour or vehicle specification. It’s unlikely that you’ll know them all, and that’s where this app really works.

It gives you a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide as to what those lamps mean, and what you should do if they illuminate. 

Vehicles Covered

There is no log-in needed, no need to store any sensitive information, and once you’ve set your vehicle in the menu, you don’t even need an internet connection. It will work with the latest Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar and the Land Rover Discovery.

If you’d like to find out more about the Land Rover brand, their lifestyle products and the engineering, please contact one of professional team – they’ll give you all the information you need.

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