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Land Rover leasing

Renting a Land Rover has the advantages of avoiding large initial payments, and gives motorists extra flexibility if they only intend to be driving the vehicle for a short period of time. Those temporarily resident in the UK, for example, can enjoy the use of prestigious and reliable vehicle when they hire a Land Rover for the duration of their stay.

Contract hire and leasing is mainly used by businesses who benefit from the ability to hire out a number of vehicles without the prohibitive initial cost of buying the same cars. For traders who require a fleet of trustworthy, steady vehicles, Land Rovers are ideal carriers for luggage and people.

Land Rovers, along with a wide range of other makes of vehicle, can be leased from Carrs Contract Hire and Leasing (part of Helston Garages Group). Carrs' knowledgeable sales team will be happy to deal with any enquiries you may have.


Contact Carrs Contract Hire and Leasing for further enquiries about our generous leasing packages.

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