Three ‘World Car’ Awards Can Only Mean One Thing – The Jaguar I-PACE


World Car of the Year, World Car Design of the Year, and World Green Car. That’s quite an impressive line-up of trophies, and perhaps a few years ago, would have been a little easier achieved, but going head-to-head with today’s competition just makes it all the more impressive.

As the all-electric BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) category fills up with offerings from most of the big manufacturers, you’d be forgiven in thinking that Jaguar saw the bandwagon leaving, and hopped right on to it, hoping for the best. They didn’t.

Jaguar knew that for them to actually compete, rather than just take part, they needed to dig deep and draw inspiration from their former glory days. It had to be a world class product, not just an exercise in ticking the right boxes. What they delivered (after some years in development), was the I-PACE, a revolutionary ground-up design and build.

Sports Utility Vehicle

Of course, being a Jaguar, the emphasis is very much on the ‘Sports’ of Sports Utility Vehicle; 0-62mph is achieved in under five seconds, it tops out at over 120mph, and has 394hp with a tree stump pulling 513lb-ft of torque.

And it will still deliver around 290 miles of range.

While that all sounds impressive, and gives credence to the ‘grace, space & pace’ ethos of Jaguar, the reality is that talk of top speeds and 0-60 times is crass, and in today’s world, meaningless. It’s increasingly difficult to achieve the actual speed limit on much of the road network in the UK, never mind abusing it, but for it to be called a ‘proper’ Jaguar, it needed to have that element firmly fixed.

Traditionally, Jaguar have always opted for the long bonnet, short cabin design, which was needed to accommodate the powerful engine of the internal combustion cars, but the use of electricity meant that the traditional design rulebook could be scrapped.

The Ian Callum designed I-PACE has been described as having a ‘cab forward’ emphasis, which means space for the occupants has grown, and Jaguar have maximised that further by incorporating innovative technology for the driveline, with the driveshafts running through the dual electric motors.


Aside from the extra room, everything else is pure Jaguar – from the beautifully sculpted seats, through to the fit & finish of the trim and beyond. Of course, there’s more technology built-in and on display than you might find elsewhere in the line-up, but again, that’s purely down to the award-winning motive power.

With up to 1,453 litres of space available at the rear (and a further 27-litre cubby upfront), the I-PACE can cope with everything that a family would demand, and four adults can be comfortably accommodated, without feeling that you’ve made a compromise between clean & green, and practicality.

Clean & Green

Speaking of being clean & green, of course being powered only by electricity means that there are zero exhaust emissions, which has a number of advantages, aside from helping the planet.

  • Government grants are available to help with purchase cost, along with further grants to help with installing a charger
  • There is no VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) to pay, although there is a surcharge
  • Free to enter congestion zones and ULEZ areas
  • From April 2020, BiK (Benefit in Kind) rates will be at 0% (followed by just 1%, then 2%)
  • Around 1/5 of the cost to ‘refuel’ compared to ICE (Internal Combustion Engine)

In recent years, choosing a Battery Electric Vehicle was always a compromise, no denying that, but today, with the I-PACE, comes a whole new world of smarter electric vehicles that really will work for you in most environments, on the proviso that you have access to a charger or charging network.

If you’d like to find out more details about the government grants available, or technical specifications, or even just come and see just why the I-PACE has won over 66 international awards, then contact one of our friendly teams for details.

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