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If you include the Swallow Sidecar Company, which was the pre-runner to Jaguar Cars (the name changing from S.S. Cars to Jaguar Cars in 1945), Jaguar have been around for close to 100 years (1922), after (Sir) William Lyons wanted to bring “Grace, Space & Pace” to the well-to-do.

If you could think of any one Jaguar in an instant, our guess would be that it’s the MK II (Mark Two) from the late-fifties and sixties, and that very thought is associated with law and order; it being portrayed as a villain’s favourite mode of transport in every Police TV show in the 70s, or as Inspector Morse’s gentile method of wafting around the Oxfordshire countryside.

Putting aside TV shows and taking a step toward another (outdated) Jaguar trend, you’d also have the Captain of Industry: business suit, bowler hat, James Smith & Sons umbrella, and briefcase (that contained his driving gloves) driving his Jaguar while commuting to the City of London.

Forget all of that. We’re talking Jaguar for the modern age.

The New Jaguar

It can’t be denied that Jaguar are still considered to be prestige, but as with anything Jaguar, be that classic or modern, it’s all in the spirit of good style, understated knowing, with a hint of rakish design (you choose your definition of rakish!).

It would be easy to define a Jaguar car with predisposed ideas: luxury, sporting, upmarket, and quality, which gives rise to the incorrect assumption that they’re only purchased by an older generation, at the height of the their career, with a hefty slice of disposable income available for something a little special as a daily driver; you wouldn’t want to fill a Jaguar full of children, sweet wrappers and sticky fingers would you? (Only a parent will truly know just what devastation a child can wreak upon their daily car).

Forget all of that also.

Yes, they’re sporting, full of quality, perhaps even l/jaguar/new-cars/xf-sportbrake/uxurious, but they’re also practical, well-designed, and perfect for the modern family – these new Jaguars are built tough, and even a whole five-a-side team of eight-year-olds will find them well put together, with plenty of cubby space for their sweet wrappers, sandwiches, leftover crisps … ‘interesting’ finds, socks … you know, the regular things that children value.

E-PACE, F-PACE & XF Sportbrake

Despite being their main product for decades, Jaguar realised that upmarket, fast saloon and sports cars were catering to an ever-shrinking market, and with the boom of the SUV, or crossover, their design philosophy had to change.

Today, they of course still offer fast saloons and sports cars, but they’ve added a number of Sports Utility Vehicles and a Sportbrake into the mix. For those of you that don’t speak marketing, Sportbrake is simply another word for an estate car. (Don’t worry, we whispered that last bit).


The E-PACE was Jaguar’s first ever compact SUV, and it’s easy to see that experience counts for nothing; it’s a thing of beauty. Of course, being a Jaguar, much is made of the dynamic driving, stunning good looks and all round agility, especially when driving in town, but then look deeper and you’ll see that it’s been properly engineered, just like their sports cars.

And just because it’s the baby, it doesn’t make it any less equipped – depending on model and trim level, you can have pretty much everything you’d ever need: Active Driveline, Adaptive Dynamics, emergency braking, rear camera, cruise control & speed limiter, lane keep assist, driver condition monitor, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, traffic sign recognition … the list goes on … 360 degree parking, rear traffic monitor and so on.


Jaguar have labelled the F-PACE as a luxury performance SUV, and if you specify the 5.0 litre supercharged V8, it’s quite easy to see why – 176mph performance on tap with class-leading handling and agility.

Forget about the performance though, that’s really only a marketing thing. Instead, concentrate on the practical, or the lavish. An extensive range of premium-grade materials means that you’ll find something to suit your taste, class-leading boot capacity (650 litres) is ample enough for any family, and when it comes to luxury, even their stablemates (Range Rover) feel a tinge of jealousy.

Of course, it’s available with all of the previously listed equipment, making it a safe, reliable space for you and your family.

XF Sportbrake

If an SUV isn’t quite your thing, but you still need something bigger than a regular car, then the XF Sportbrake is everything you need, and more.

We could give you the full marketing speak … a luxurious expression of Jaguar design … XF Sportbrake adding another level of dynamism … but simply put, imagine the fantastically well made XF, with all of the characteristics (dynamic driving, sporty, luxurious, comfortable) but with more space. 1,700 litres of space to be precise.

And of course, being a Jaguar, it hasn’t been done on the fly – everything fits perfectly, the side walls of the boot are smooth (no wheel-well intrusions), fold-flat seating, lashing rings and removeable dividers make this an extremely well-thought out product.

As for the rest … it’s an XF Jaguar, that tells you everything you need to know.

Family Planning

All three of these Jaguars are perfect for family motoring, whether that’s doing the school run each day, or taking a touring holiday of the beautiful South-West of England. They’ll cope with everything you throw at them, and still come back for more.

If you’d like to try one for yourself, contact one of our team to make arrangements.

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