Jaguar – Which one for you?

Car manufacturers are under pressure to be all things to all men (or women!); gone are the days where a manufacturer specialised in one type of car, be that sports, off-road, saloon – every brand is trying to win as much of the market share as possible, even if they do it through a number of outlets, this means that the likes of Jaguar can offer everything from a premium luxury saloon, through to a prestige performance SUV.

But does this dilute the brand? Or the product? Or only enhance it?

Enhancing the Product

Jaguar have always been known for sporty luxury – something with a little get up and go, but with the refinements such as premium wood, leather, interior styling, comfort … everything that makes for a great car, and then they decided to branch out in to other designs – the SUV for example.

Potentially, this could have been a mistake – too much of a departure from their regular offering to be right or competitive, but then we should factor in the sister company; Land Rover.

Between the two giants of the automotive industry, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) are capable of offering a very rare thing – the ability to design, create and build a truly world-beating product, be that a Range Rover or Jaguar XJ saloon (also available as a long-wheelbase version). 

New Customers

You’d have to say that at one time, Jaguar owners were … easily identified(?) by their job, social circle or status, but today, Jaguar have moved with the times, and their customer demographics have changed – see a Jag driving down the road and there’s a good chance that the driver will be young, stylish and cool, rather than a well-to-do businessman of a certain vintage.

Think of it like Barbour clothing – yes, it’s still loved by the ‘county set’ but it’s also damn cool, and worn by everyone, young and old alike.

So what would be your choice?

The (Simplified) Range

Thankfully, Jaguar have kept with traditional naming techniques, that are easy to understand and follow so understanding the range is simple.

Explore The Range


The Jaguar F-PACE is a luxury, performance SUV with near perfect 50:50 weight distribution, built on the Lightweight Aluminium Architecture and offers a wide-range of power options, from 163PS (the Ingenium 2.0 litre, 4-cylinder Turbocharged diesel engine) right through to the fire breathing 5.0 litre V8 Supercharged petrol engine with 550PS. 

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Jaguar’s first compact SUV, created as the entry-level to Jaguar ownership, but ‘entry-level’ doesn’t mean sparse or low-end, the E-PACE is well-equipped, stylish and capable of getting the neighbours curtains twitching – “ooh, they’ve got a Jaguar”.

Explore E-Pace


You’d have thought that Jaguar may have called this model the E-PACE, because it’s all-electric, but whatever the name, this isn’t just a marketing exercise, it’s a genuine and real alternative to fossil fuel. As with any all-electric vehicle, it sits at the higher end of the budget, but when you compare it to other electric performance SUVs, it represents excellent value for money.

Explore I-Pace


So very pretty. This is Jaguar sports cars at their best, enough power to know that you’ve got something special, stunning looks, refinement and a chassis that really delivers, but unlike other sports cars, you won’t find it lacking in comfort for ‘normal’ driving. Also, there’s a convertible version, pretty just got stunning.

Explore F-Type


This is Jaguar’s bread and butter, and nobody does it better. Jaguar call it the most advanced, efficient and refined sports saloon they’ve ever made, and given their history, that’s a bold statement. With up to 300PS on tap, and a range of clean diesel or petrol engines (all Ingenium), the XE delivers on all counts.

Explore XE


Looking for something with a little more luxury? Or perhaps you need something with just a little more space (and we’d also say styling) – the XF is available as a Sportbrake, and despite the style, it’s all Jaguar – ride and handling, performance, styling and luxury. The perfect combination for those that need the space of an SUV, without wanting an SUV.

Explore XF


This is Jaguar’s premium product, designed for the Captains of Industry, to be driven in, rather than driving. For the ultimate experience, Jaguar also offer a long-wheelbase version.

Explore XJ

What Type of Customer Are You?

It doesn’t matter what you have need of, the Jaguar line-up can cater for it all, you just need to decide what suits your needs best.

Despite noticing some similarity or overlap between products, these vehicles are completely different and all have a sole purpose or customer, if you’re not sure what type of customer you want to be, then talk to one of our friendly team – they can give you all the information you need to understand the options and benefits of Jaguar ownership.

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