Family with Jaguar I-PACE at the sea

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying a Jaguar.

18th August 2019

Jaguar; perhaps one of the only car brands that enjoyed, and traded on, their reputation for being raffish; being owned by gangsters & villains was a great marketing point, but to be clear, it wasn’t everyday ‘criminals’, these were Gentlemen, living (and ‘working’) to a strict code of conduct.

If you had a Jaguar, you were a someone.

Strangely, after a brief dip in popularity, the opposite was true – Jaguars were being driven by managing directors, politicians, and industrial magnates. But the same rule applied – if you had a Jaguar, you were a someone. You’d made it to the big league.

The Modern Jaguar Owner

Profiling today’s owners isn’t quite as easy, sure they’re driven by people of power, but it’s gone further than that, Jaguars are owned and driven by a wide-range of people, the only real thing they have in common, is their passion for the marque.

It’s that range of people that testifies to the power of the brand, their diversity, and the array of different models; if you’re looking for anything other than a small, town car, Jaguar have you pretty well covered.

Five Reasons to Buy Jaguar

If you’re looking to change cars, you have a myriad of choices – manufacturers are trying to be all things to all people, and win a customer for life, regardless of their needs. But as you’re perusing the different models, think of this:

  1. Heritage
    If you include the Swallow Sidecar Company (Jaguar’s original roots), Jaguar are close to celebrating 100-years in business. They hold royal warrants from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, and have created over 60 different models (including concepts) since their early days.
    They have an impeccable pedigree when it comes to producing fast, reliable cars for the toughest race in the world, having won the 24-hours of Le Man an incredible seven times. But it’s not all history and relying on past greatness; Jaguar have developed the technology to compete in the latest FIA Formula E championship, where their electric know-how shapes the future of their products.
  2. Wide Range of Models
    Whether you’re looking for a heart-breakingly pretty sports car (F-TYPE), luxury performance SUV (F-PACE), all-electric SUV (I-PACE), compact SUV (E-PACE), compact sports saloon (XE), luxury business saloon (XF) or just downright luxury (XJ), Jaguar have you covered.
    Of course there are other manufacturers that offer more models, but that’s not what Jaguar are about – they don’t ‘do’ runarounds, shopping cars, people movers … owning a Jaguar is an experience, not a transport solution.
  3. Award Winning
    Don’t think that experiencing that special Jaguar feel is something only available to new cars; the Jaguar Land Rover Approved scheme has won multiple awards for being the Best Used Car Scheme also.
    It offers a rigorous 165-point check, two-year unlimited mileage warranty, independent mileage & history check, and a 30-day / 1,000-mile conditional vehicle exchange agreement. Peace of mind comes as standard.
  4. Reliability
    There was a time that Jaguar was known for making fast, beautiful cars, that were a little fragile. That’s no longer the case. Jaguar invest £13m every year in software, hardware and processes to engineer and test their products before they’re even physical products.
    In fact, Jaguar Land Rover are the largest investor in Research & Development and Engineering in the UK, with £3.1bn spent in 2014/2015. Their testing takes things to the extreme; millions of miles covered, engineering tolerances of 0.003mm, and 10-year 240,000km simulation tests.
  5. The Experience
    Let’s be honest, driving a Jaguar does leave you feeling a little special. In 2018, Jaguar sold 180,833 vehicles – certainly enough to be well-productionised with any flaws ironed out, but not enough to be tripping over other owners every lamppost.
    Compare that with one of the American giants, 5.9m vehicles last year, and you’ll see that owning a Jaguar is a little more exclusive, without being a clique. 

Should You Buy a Jaguar?

The days of worrying about fragility, reliability or costs when things go wrong are behind us. Jaguars are more reliable than ever, are still stunning to look at (be that inside or out) and give you that sense of ownership that seems to be missing from the modern age.

If you’d like to find out more about the range of modern Jaguars, would like details of any specific model, or find out what a true electric SUV should feel like, contact one of our friendly team to start your journey.