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Jaguar Leasing

Jaguar cars are internationally renowned for their traditional British charm and refinement, enjoying a reputation for being among the finest motor vehicles in the world. Taking a Jaguar on a lease, either for your business or for your own personal use, makes a clear statement about you or your company's high level of class and sophistication.

Carrs Contract Hire and Leasing, part of the Helston Garages Group, has a variety of Jaguars available for leasing to both businesses and domestic users. Companies generally find it more advantageous to rent cars for their corporate fleet, rather than undergoing the large initial outlay of purchasing a number of new vehicles. If they have the necessary funds, a rental arrangement may also be preferable for private individuals in certain circumstances (for example, if a person does not usually drive but needs a car for a limited period due to work commitments).

At Carrs Contract Hire and Leasing, our experienced team will be able to guide you through the entire process of leasing a vehicle. They will identify those models available, and detail in plain English the payments you will be responsible for throughout the duration of your agreement.


Contact Carrs Contract Hire and Leasing for further enquiries about our generous leasing packages.

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