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Air-conditioning What you need to know

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Over 10% of air-conditioning refrigerant can evaporate from your vehicles system each year thereby reducing its efficiency. It is recommend your system is recharged with gas and lubricant every 2 years to maintain its efficiency. If you become aware that your air conditioning smells slightly different than usual, either when you turn on the engine or when you adjust the temperature settings, it’s time for a Refresh, if its not blowing chilled air then it may require a recharge, Why not combine both?

It is important to maintain your car's air conditioning system all year round.

Option 1
Air Conditioning Recharge

We offer you a full recharge where we evacuate your existing gas and fully recharge your system. 

Option 2
Antibacterial Refresh

Or have an Antibacterial refresh where we add a neutralising bacteria additive to your existing system.

Combine Both Options - £89


*When registered other servicing & repair options will be available.