Battery Cable and Blower Plug Connector Recall

Do you own a BMW 1 series (e80, e81, e82 & e88 variants) built between 2007 and 2014?​

If you do then it’s likely that your car is included in the current safety recall campaign issued by BMW UK. This requires the above mentioned variants to be checked for damage to two elements of the electrical system covering the possible damage through overheating of either the positive battery cable terminal line, or the wiring harness blower motor plug connection. Excessive overheating can lead to the failure of the vehicles’ electrical systems and cause non start/engine stop situations.

We would like to assure local owners of BMW 1 series model variants (as detailed above) that their cars are in perfect working order by checking these two electrical systems and where necessary replacing either the positive cable and/or the blower motor plug connector.

The safety recall check and any corrective work required will of course be completed free of charge.

Please contact your nearest Westerly BMW service department to book your vehicle in.