Westerly Yeovil and Nuffield Healthcare and Saturday Health Clinic


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On Saturday 7th April 2018 Westerly Yeovil are going to stage a “Saturday Health Clinic” where both you and your BMW can book a free health assessment.

Whilst the workshops give your BMW its annual health check, you’ll be able to spend time with one of the fitness assessment team from Nuffield Fitness Centre, who will carry out a one-to-one, private and personal assessment of your fitness (no exercise involved!) and chat through any recommendations that they feel would help your future well being. They will also supply you with a certificate that offers you the opportunity to try out the Nuffield's facilities for free, no catches, no strings attached.

On the 7th we will have 12 personal health appointment slots available and these are on the hour and on the half hour, with the first appointment starting at 09.00 and the last one starting at 14.30. At the same time as the health assessment is taking place we’ll be checking your car for all safety related items, tyre pressures and fluid levels, and completing any adjustments, or top-ups for free, including up to half a litre of oil. You’ll be given a full copy of the check schedule and receive confirmation that there are no outstanding Safety Recalls, or free Quality Enhancements applicable to your car.

On top of all that we’ll be washing your BMW, leathering it dry and vacuuming the interior and returning it to you all within 60 minutes of your health check commencing. There is more...we’ll also be sending every appointee a Westerly Car Wash Club card that entitles you to four free car washes that can be booked anytime over the next 12 months with appointments available between Mon-Fri 09.00 – 16.00 and on Saturdays between 09.00 – 14.00.

To avoid disappointment and to not miss out on this fantastic offer we urge you not to delay in contacting Westerly Yeovil BMW now by calling 01935 310946 or emailing mail@westerlybmw.co.uk