BMW to Introduce Wireless Charging for i3 & i8

BMW to Introduce Wireless Charging for i3 & i8

BMW has announced an exciting new development for its electric and hybrid models, including the i3 and i8.

From later this year, motorists will find it easier than ever to charge their electric vehicles, as BMW is set to introduce wireless charging. This system is state-of-the-art and aims to streamline the charging process, meaning that it will take less than three hours for a full charge. This is a huge improvement on the current seven to eight hours needed for a full charge when plugged in.

The benefits that BMW’s new technology can bring are vast. As well as requiring less than half the current time needed for a charge, the wireless charging technology can be used regardless of weather conditions, making it a more practical option. There would be a reduced need for plugs, meaning that compatibility between plugs and sockets would no longer be an issue. In addition, although a plug-in charge requires simply plugging the vehicle into an outlet, wireless charging means that your vehicle will charge even if you forget to plug it in.

The charging system works via two main components: a recharging coil fitted in the floor of the car and a floor-mounted base plate fitted with another coil. To charge the vehicle, all the driver needs to do is park their BMW i model over the metal plate so that the two coils are positioned directly above each other. The electric charge would then be transmitted via an electromagnetic field generated by the electric coils, charging the battery quickly and effectively.

BMW is currently developing this technology in partnership with Daimler, and there are plans to develop the technology further in the future. Investigations are currently ongoing into integration with smartphone applications to allow owners to check on battery charge and remaining time to complete a full charge.

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