BMW 4 Series Convertible

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BMW 4 Series Convertible

BMW 4 Series Convertible

From Westerly BMW in Cornwall, Dorset, Devon, and Somerset

The BMW 4 Series Convertible joins its coupé sibling as a vehicle of superb proportions, exuding a luxurious character enhanced by the folding metal roof. With the top down, an exhilarating experience only possible with a convertible is the attractive result. With it up, a quiet, insulated and comfortable environment is created, enabling you to enjoy the model's advanced features and sophisticated cabin fully.

Three trim lines are available: Luxury, Modern and Sport. Each has its own distinguishing elements, so you can choose a finish that closely matches your personality. At the peak of the range sits the legendary M Sport package, with a unique appeal of its own.

White BMW front view
White BMW side view
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The heart of the 4 Series is its engine, and BMW has fitted the latest generation with a choice of petrol and diesel options. Each receives the TwinPower Turbo label, which represents the combination of turbocharger and Valvetronic technologies. The 435i is the most muscular of the petrol engines, outputting 302bhp as it rushes from 0-60mph in 5.4 seconds. The frugal 420d diesel alternative boasts CO2 emissions as low as 133g/km, impressive for a vehicle of such high performance. The engine is no leisurely mover, using 181bhp to reach 60mph from standing in 7.9 seconds.

Power is fed through an eight-speed automatic transmission, a key element of BMW’s Efficient-Dynamics. The finely-tuned ratios ensure optimum power delivery at all speeds, with up changes made with little interruption.

BMW Brown Interior
BMW Brown Interior
BMW Brown Interior


With the top down, a sense of freedom is achieved inside the 4 Series, the cabin enabling straightforward command over the model's cutting-edge functions so you can concentrate on the journey ahead. With the roof closed, wind and road noise is shut out to create a relaxing ambience. The interior epitomises premium craftsmanship, with all surfaces blended seamlessly for an endless flow of high quality materials and finishes. As you open the door and slip into a plush leather seat, you pass over aluminium or chrome gloss door sills – one subtle yet welcome addition. Fine wood or high-gloss black trim greets you, the atmosphere accentuated further by ambient lighting.

For a full appreciation of the BMW 4 Series Convertible's benefits and the finance packages available, please contact our team in Exeter, Yeovil, Barnstaple, Bridgwater or Dorchester directly.

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