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The new BMW 1 Series Sports Hatch is here. Offering a best in class driving experience and a completely refreshed design that has sport at its heart, this car will once again define its category. Choose from SE, Sport or M Sport models, all of which feature next-generation TwinPower Turbo engines and enhanced features as standard. Take a seat and experience pure driving pleasure

White BMW
White BMW
White BMW


Under the bonnet, the redesign continues, with a series of crucial engine upgrades that make the new BMW 1 Series best in its class. Each model features next-generation BMW TwinPower Turbo engines based around 500cc cylinders in three, four or six cylinder configurations. Every one of these (including a brand new range of class-leading diesel engines) has been fine-tuned to minimise friction and reduce thermal losses, thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing emissions to outstanding levels.

This is also aided by innovations such as ECO PRO mode, which maximises the efficiency of everything from driving style to climate control. Additionally, Auto Start-Stop turns off the car’s engine when it comes to a temporary standstill (such as in traffic or at lights).

The eight-speed Steptronic transmission is another key feature, providing improved acceleration, reduced fuel consumption and a superior driving experience. Performance has also been enhanced by features such as Variable Sport Steering, Adaptive M suspension and engines offering improved torque characteristics and power.


New The LED headlights (available on the M Sport Models) of the new BMW 1 Series perfectly introduce the car’s refreshing new character. They are slimmer and closer to the central kidney grille, giving a more striking, sporty appearance. These Daytime Driving lights ensure you will always be seen, and (depending on model) feature High Beam Assistant (anticipating an oncoming driver when high beams are on) and adaptive headlights (illuminating around an oncoming curve before the car has even turned).

At both the front and the rear, the bumpers of the new BMW 1 Series have been re-shaped to express a sportier personality. Each has sculpted lines that give the car a broad stance on the road, while emphasising the dynamic air inlets at the front and the wider exhaust at the back.

For the first time, the new BMW 1 Series has taillights that are instantly recognisable as BMW. The classic L-shape, with a split two piece design brings it in line with every other series. This gives the rear of the car a completely new look, with the longer, slimmer proportions of the taillights creating a broad, sporty appearance. Two LED-lit lines run through both sections of the lights, giving subtle definition.

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For more information on the new BMW 1-Series or to book a test drive contact your nearest Westerly BMW today.

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