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As a leading Audi dealer, we know our business well, and our customers better: an eye for detail, and a style that doesn’t need to try too hard.

Those fourteen words sum up the new Audi e-tron perfectly: details with an easy style that doesn’t need to shout. It doesn’t matter from which angle you look, whether that’s inside or out, the e-tron delivers on the promise of a state of the art Audi, using a drivetrain that’s as smart as you can get, with plenty of performance (in terms of power and range) in hand.

Welcome to the all-new e-tron.

Audi e-tron Electric SUV

The Audi e-tron is their first proper attempt at a full-electric vehicle, and despite some innovative engineering, Audi haven’t gone radical with the styling – it looks pretty conventional, and that’s a deliberate choice from Audi.

They could have taken the choice to go all futuristic, but they believe (as do we) that keeping to a similar design theme would be the preferred choice for their customers; the regular ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) range of models look great, and the e-tron is just an extension of that.

There are some great detail touches that we’ve seen on other models, like the full-width rear light bar, or (dependent on trim) the camera-based wing mirrors that give a hint of ‘future’ to the design, but overall, it’s modern, rather than radical – it still uses the traditional Audi front grille for example (albeit computer controlled).

Driving Range

The engineers at Audi have gone to extreme lengths to shape the e-tron to be as slippery as possible – a drag coefficient of just 0.27 (compared to the Jaguar I-PACE of 0.29) means two things: the range really is maximised for the power, and wind-noise is reduced to an almost Rolls-Royce level of quietness. Whispered conversations at 70 mph are a very real thing.

Power comes from two electric motors, mounted at either end of the car, and the combined output can be as much as 404hp (in boost mode), but for regular driving, there’s 355hp and 414lb-ft on tap, enough to see the heavy-weight e-tron hit 62 mph in just 5.7 seconds, and thanks to the clever adaptive air suspension, it feels sure-footed and well-mannered.

When it comes to recharge, the e-tron has class-leading charge capabilities, and an 80% charge can be done in around 30 minutes, which means you’re never really left waiting for longer than it takes to freshen up, and Audi have added a genius but simple touch – a charge port on both sides of the car. Why haven’t more manufacturers thought of that?

e-tron Tech

As you might expect from Audi, their technology driven car is packed with tech and toys. The entry level ‘Technik’ has everything from heat-insulating glass, powered tailgate, navigation, digital radio, smartphone interface, reversing camera, through to Audi Pre-sense front, and traffic jam assist.

Step that up to the ‘Vorsprung’ trim, and you get everything from a Heads-Up display, through to a 360-degree camera, with Parking System Plus. And so much more.

All models come with the Audi Drive Select system, which effectively gives you seven different modes for driving: auto, comfort, dynamic, efficiency, allroad, offroad, and individual.

It almost feels like a tired cliché, but the e-tron has been engineered to be the best at what it does, it hasn’t just been the product of a computer design program, with theoretical perfect solutions; despite being ultra-modern and complex, it gives a nod to the days gone by when humans designed in things that work for the occupants, that give value, and that make you wonder why all cars can’t be made in this way. Vorsprung Durch Technik as they say.

More Information?

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