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​What is it?

Put simply, it’s a cash incentive for owners of older diesel cars, of any make, who upgrade to a new Audi that’s more efficient in fuel consumption and has lower emissions.

A contribution from £2,000 to £8,000 from Audi

Under the programme, you’ll qualify for the scrappage incentive contribution towards a new Audi if your current car is a Euro 1 (EU1) to Euro 4 (EU4) emission standard diesel passenger car, first registered before 2010. You can check the first registration date of your car here. Alternatively, feel free to contact your local Audi Centre to find out more.

Your current car doesn’t have to be an Audi, but please note the scrappage incentive is not available in conjunction with any other offers.

Contributions available across the Audi range

Contributions are available on selected new, EU6-compliant cars in the Audi range, except the A8, Q7 TDI, R8 and RS models. Below is a list of Audi models in the programme, and the contribution you can receive towards it:


£2,000 Scrappage saving (incl VAT)

View A1


£4,000 Scrappage saving (incl VAT)

View A3

A3 e-Tron

​£5,000 Scrappage saving (incl VAT)​

View A3


£6,000 Scrappage saving (incl VAT)

View A4


£6,000 Scrappage saving (incl VAT)

View A5


£7,000 Scrappage saving (incl VAT)​

View A6


£7,000 Scrappage saving (incl VAT)​​

View A7

Q7 e-Tron

£8,000 Scrappage saving (incl VAT)

View Q7

To receive the contribution, you just have to order your new Audi by 31 March 2018 and it must be registered by 30 June 2018.

​What happens to your older car?

The aim of the programme is to take less clean and efficient diesel cars off the road. So, once we receive your older car, we’ll take care to dismantle it and, wherever possible, recycle its materials.

Find out if you’re eligible

To find out more about the Audi scrappage incentive, and book a test drive, contact Truro Audi.

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