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Audi leasing

An offshoot of our franchise is Carrs Contract Hire and Leasing, which can help both businesses and individuals drive one or more of our high-quality Audi cars on a rental basis.

Vehicle leasing is a much more cost-effective way for companies to benefit from access to motor vehicles, as it offers all the advantages of car ownership without the large initial outlay. If your company is looking to provide its employees with an efficient, reliable and attractive car, then a stylish Audi is an excellent choice. Their elegant appearance and image reflects well on any business.

For some individuals, personal leasing of a car for a certain period may well be a better option than buying. Audi's reputation for producing durable vehicles which hold their value well mean that we can offer competitive rental prices for our cars, with lower servicing and maintenance costs an additional bonus on many of our available models.


Contact Carrs Contract Hire and Leasing for further enquiries about our generous leasing packages.

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