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About Carrs Van Centre - Volkswagen Commercial

Carrs Van Centre is pleased to provide Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles from its dealerships in Exeter and Indian Queens to businesses all over Cornwall and Devon. We are proud to be associated with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, the dependable workhorses of thousands of British businesses.

We have instilled a code of ethics into our staff that emphasises the highest standards of customer service. Accordingly, you can rely on our sales personnel to ensure that you are never anything less than fully informed about every facet of the vehicle or service you are purchasing.

Our service department has an equivalent level of dedication to the vehicles in their care, working hard to guarantee that new or second-hand vans remain in excellent condition for longer.

Carrs Van Centre has commercial vehicles to suit any purpose. Whether you are a small tradesman looking to buy a solitary van, or a larger company looking to hire a fleet of reliable and efficient delivery vehicles, we will do our utmost to meet your needs.

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